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Pmp formulas and calculations advanced guide with examples. Pmp project management professional certification all maths and formulas of pmp and pmbok 6. The most complete project management glossary for professional project managers. Basic pmp formulas free download as powerpoint presentation. Free pmp formula study guide cornelius fichtner, pmp. How to memorize pmp exam formulas in under 10 mins youtube. The pmp formulas pdf was created specifically to provide you an easy reference and study guide. Although, pmi does not give a specific breakdown on the number of formula questions you can expect, as a former tester, i can assure you, if you do not know these formulas, a magic 8ball might warn, outlook not so good. Pmp formulas and calculation for the certification demystified. Whether you are interested in becoming a certified project management professional pmp or just enhancing your project management knowledge in. Do not get intimidated by the formulas the formulas are not hard to learn if you follow my step by step plan its easy with a little practice you should be able to write them down in 5 minutes. Do you need to memorize pmp formulas to pass the exam. In todays post, i am sharing study and preparation experience of danielle who passed her exam without memorizing pmp formulas. William scott canada, project manager thank you for the pmp questions and pmp formulas.

Online pmp training master of project academy material cannot be sold, copied or redistributed. Although there are more than 25 project management formulas that you might need to tackle during the exam, there are a few cost management formulas that are very important, and which youre likely to encounter more than once during the exam. By simplilearn last updated on aug 2, 2019 3934 it is a universal fact that at any stage of project management, project managers are required to perform simple as well as complex computations and calculations for their projects. Pmp formula study guide is a reasonably priced, unique product that addresses a very crucial aspect of pmp exam the formulas. All you need to do is memorize the formulas and then plunk in the numbers from the questions. All the pmp formulas and calculations pmbok 6th edition. We will show you an unique mnemonic to use so be sure to stay until the end. In 2018, the pmbok will switch from the 5 th edition to the new 6 th edition. At the end of this article, there will be an option for you to download this guide. If you find the mathematical questions for the pmp exam difficult to solve, this. Pmp formula for early start if the convention that project starts on day zero is adopted. You will not be able to answer the correctly if you do not have the appropriate formula memorized.

The pmp certification exam will contain questions requiring the use of formulas to calculate the correct answer. Previous next project managers best aid in performing their operations involves widespread application of mathematical formulas in relation to the 10 project management knowledge areas. Weve put together the ultimate pmp study notes pdf to help you with the transition. Pmp formulas pmbok 6th edition here are 27 pmp formulas that are required for the pmp examination. You can find all the mentioned pmp formulas in this pmp formulas pdf. Many students think that pmp exam is a learning and memorization game.

It is very important for pmp aspirants to understand 49 processes in pmbok guide 6th edition according to the process group and knowledge areas. Pmp formulas cheat sheet wisdom depot project management. Detailed and easy to understand pmp formula questions, examples and answers. This article will show anyone who is studying for the pmp examination how to quickly learn the necessary formulas to pass the exam. Pmp formulas complete certification guide milestonetask. Fill in the form below to download a free, redacted version of the pmp formula study guide. There are earned value analysis formulas, 7 financial measures formulas and 7 additional formulas. With the release of the 6th edition of the guide, pmi has revised its terms of. Free pdf based on pmbok guide 6th edition having 45 project management formulas. Pmp formula study guide the formulas you need for the pmp exam. Free download of the best capm pmp formulas cheat sheet for pmi exams. The above 17 pmp formulas are all that youll need for the pmp exam. Lets move forward to learn the most common pmp formulas.

Memorize these formulas and do a braindump of these formulas on a piece of paper before you begin your exam. The numbers may surprise you, and if you check back again in a week, most likely the number will have grown. Download pmp formula sheet and pmp cheat sheet for free. Redacted means that some formulas, acronyms, questions and. Well discuss these formulas in detail but first, have a look at the quick pmp formula sheet. Why dont you practice on some free questions from the pm exam simulator. You will be able to solve the calculation questions in the certification exam. The below given pmp formula sheet represents the list of 25 pmp formulas to prepare for the pmp certification exam. Get a downloadable version of all the pmp formulas you need to know for your exam. Any form of distribution of the pmbok guide is strictly prohibited by pmi. Though it does not provide any information which you cannot get for free on the internet, the value comes from having all the accurate formula related information, from an authentic source, in a neat little package. Pmp formula calculation made easy for you pm sprout. Whats even better is you can now take advantage of its free version.

Includes all mathematical formulas crafted by a pmp, pmirmp expert, this guide explains all of the mathematical formulas mentioned in the 6th edition of the pmbok guide with simple examples so you can understand the formula and apply the concept in the exam. If you think a formula is missing here but required in pmp exam. Redacted means that some formulas, acronyms, questions and definitions are visible in clear text, but most of them have been obscured grayed out. Learning pmp formulas the easy way linkedin slideshare. If you wish, you can download the pmp formulas table above as a pdf file. Forecasting eac eac bac cumulative cpi when etc work i. Concept formula result interpretation free float free float earliest es of. Apr 6, 2020 are you preparing for your pmi pmp exam. Download free pmp formulas cheat sheet for pmbok guide 6th edition these formulas are useful for passing the exam and these are also useful for doing the regular project management work. If you understand these formulas and examples, you will be able to solve most of the formula based questions on the pmp exam. As you prepare for the pmp exam, some of the most important things you should know are the pmp formulas. Note that the downloaded guide is purely for your personal educational use.

But the pmp exam formula study guide was created specifically to provide you an easy reference and study guide. In additional to this pmp formulas cheat sheet, you may want to check out the resource page for recommended resource and links to a collection of free exam questions. We have prepared a pmp formulas pdf including all these formulas. Complete pmp formulas 33 with explanations and calculation examples. Kamal shankar india, team lead i found the pmp questions very realistic. Project management plan template pmbok 30 project management plan template pmbok, project management templates pmbok example of spreadshee. In this training, you will learn how to memorize pmp exam formulas in under 10 minutes. Review of pmp exam formula study guide pmbok guide, 6th. Take whizlabs free practice test now to check your current level of preparation with these 50 practice questions. Free pdf based on pmbok guide 6th edition having 45 project. Es of the next node is the earliest finish time of the immediately preceding activity. The pmp formula guide is your easy way to understand the pmp formulas and the mathbased questions in the pmp certification exam. The only aim of this guide is to provide you with a quick and succinct account of project management concepts from pmbok.

Formula additional notes 1 present value pv 1 r n fv pv the result amount of money to invest today pv for n. Additionally, a few processes have been added and a few processes will get their names changed. The pmp certification exam may not present a question for each possible formula. Critical path method cpm pmp formulas early start es pmp formulas. This will help you select the right formula to crack a question on your exam. The major change is that the pmbok will include agile in all the knowledge areas.

When prompted, select save to save the pdf to your desktop. The goal of this guide is to help you solve formula based questions in the exam effectively. It is also important to know the formulas and decisions. Many governments around the world will only pursue contracts. To sign up for a free course that will teach you how to get pmp or capm certified in the next 6 weeks, go to be sure subscribe t. Lets look at the complete list of 17 pmp formulas you need to know for your exam along with a description for each. Practicing pmp questions on my mobile is so easy with this site. As the name implies, this site is a free source of project management information. It is your authoritative source to all the formulas and values.

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