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A study of the book of daniel gene taylor1preface the study of any of the old testament prophets is a worthwhile endeavor. His jealous rivals plot his downfall, tricking darius into issuing a decree that no prayers should be addressed to any god or. No doubt the placing the stone was ordered by the providence of god, that the miracle of daniels deliverance might appear more plain. Daniel was gods mouthpiece to the gentile and jewish world, declaring gods current and future plans. The first half of the book chapters 16 contains stories in the third person about the experiences of daniel and his.

The first includes a series of narratives which are told in the third person chaps. This is a 56page downloadable activity book in pdf format. Daniel does not stop praying, and so he is is thrown to the lions. The satraps were made accountable to them so that the king might not suffer loss. From daniel and his three friends, we will learn the power of faith and commitment b. It is the perfect little gift book or to be used in a classroom setting.

The babylonian kingdom takes the gold, whereas the medes, persians, and greeks need to content themselves with silver, bronze, and iron respectively. In addition, the captivating prophecy, imagery, and symbolism make the book of daniel one of the. These men knew that daniel served the god of isreal. He spent most of his life away from home, an exile in a foreign land. The book of daniel records the actions, prophecies, and visions of the prophet daniel. They told king darius to make a new law in which people could worship and pray to only. Now daniel so distinguished himself among the administrators and the satraps by his exceptional qualities that the king planned to set him over the. The prophet daniel was living under a king who didnt respect god. In the hebrew bible, and in most recent protestant versions, the book of daniel is limited to its protocanonical portions. The book of daniel is one of the most significant prophetic books in the bible. Dan 6 the book of daniel is a compelling record of gods wisdom and sovereignty, and its a key book to study if youre interested in biblical prophecy. Staple the pictures together to make the little mini booklet.

He ends up taking back the cream of the crop, the most elite and noble israelites, to serve at his court in babylon. The widely held view that the book of daniel is largely fictional rests mainly on the modern philosophical assumption that longrange predictive prophecy is impossible. Just print the template out and have the kids cut out the pictures. And so daniel continued to prosper through the rest of the reign of darius, and in. The book of daniel, as it now stands in the ordinary hebrew bibles, is generally divided into two main parts. Daniel is a type of christ, a godly bible character who foreshadowed the coming messiah. Select option 1 to buy a copy for your personal use, or option 2 group license if you. In the septuagint, the vulgate, and many other ancient and modern translations of the bible, it comprises both its proto and its deuterocanonical parts, both of which have an equal right to be considered as inspired, and to be included in a treatment of the book of daniel. This remarkable piece of scripture has encouraged the faithful for centuries, giving us a glimpse to future events that already came to pass and and are yet to come. Even though daniel was an old man at the time, he refused to take the easy way out and abandon god. Nine of the 12 chapters relate revelation through dreams and visions.

Its prophecies of worldruling empires are closely related to revelation. Summary of the book of daniel the story of the bible. It also shows that no one is a match for the truegod. Daniel and the lions, book of daniel, class pictures, bible pictures, sunday school lessons, sunday school crafts, free bible images, bible quiz, the bible. In addition, the captivating prophecy, imagery, and symbolism make the book of daniel one of the most read of hebrew scripture, our old testament of the bible. He learned a new language, watched empires rise and fall, and later in his life received a special vision of gods eternal. Then he has the bad men who tried to get rid of daniel thrown to the lions. God sent his angel, daniel answers, and shut the mouths of the lions so that they did not hurt me. Daniels enemies used this established concept of persian law to entrap daniel and outmaneuver the king, who was actually fond of daniel and wanted to save him daniel 6. These lessons will comfort you in this unpredictable time, grant you security of soul in a world of chaos, and encourage you to live in complete satisfaction in the lord who is working all things for the good of his people and the glory of his name. Was the god whom you serve able to save you from the lions.

Keynote imaginative retelling of a classic bible story by. Daniel served in the royal court of nebuchadnezzar and several rulers who followed nebuchadnezzar. The book of daniel doesnt make it look that badwe mean, aside from all the getting thrown into furnaces and lions dens. The book of daniel gives us lessons regarding the sovereignty of god that we need to believe and rest in. Daniel who through the book received revelations from god.

Its supposed to be better than the empires that follow it, anyway. Daniel and the hungry lions is a board book that is written for ages 48. Read how daniel stood firm during opposition and relied on his faith in god to save his life. Witness faith and visions come to pass in the book of. The king said to daniel, may your god, whom you serve continually, rescue you. What the book of daniel teaches us about living in. The book of daniel, a book of the old testament found in the ketuvim writings, the third section of the jewish canon, but placed among the prophets in the christian canon. The questions of exile are a fundamental part of the book of daniel, as noted by. This is a summary on the biblical account of the daniels refusal to bow to man and how god used daniel to save. The book of daniel is followed by the prophet hosea, the first of the prophets in the book of the twelve. Daniel bridges the entire 70 years of the babylonian captivity from 605 to 536 b. As with all of scripture, the book of daniel is profitable for our study 2 ti 3. The book of daniel begins with king nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of babylon, ransacking jerusalem. The book of daniel is no exception for it provides a wealth of information to those who would diligently consider it and its teachings.

The threat of an agonizing death did not change his trust in god. I think daniel is one of my favorite people in the bible. Although the book of daniel was supposedly written during the babylonian exile by an official of king nebuchadnezzar, modern scholars date its writing to the second century bce. Even before they reach the bottom of the pit, the lions grab them and break all their bones. Confronting the beast evil beasts manifest in daniel s dream, symbolizing human rulers rebelling against god. Can there ever be faith again in the midst of darkness, rebellion, and gloom. The book of daniel introduction to the book of daniel in the bible.

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