Oppo ha1 dac amp for iphone

Oppo claims the balanced output pushes 4 times the power double the voltage of the single ended output. Of course the ha1 has a high quality, discrete classa headphone amp and the highly regarded ess sabre reference es9018 dac chip at its core providing amazing sound quality to the 14 or 4pin xlr balanced outputs to any headphone. Audiophiles will be delighted at the sheer range of features on offer here. Oppo releases ha2 portable headphone amp and dac the. Oppo ha1 headphone amplifierdac even doubles as stereo preamp and. Dac attack all of the above comments refer to the sound of the ha1 as an integrated dacamp. It means the ha1 is one of very few fully balanced dacamp combos available. Oppo digital ha1 headphone amplifierpreamplifierdac. For optimal sound quality and to best match your headphones sensitivity, you can choose between normal and high for the headphone gain setting.

Oppo ha1, a high performance headphone amplifier, doubles as an asynchronous usb dac, stereo preamp, a digital audio dock for mobile devices, and a bluetooth audio transport, too uncompromising audio, built with the latest technologyfully balanced class a power amplification headamp and preamp on the analog inputsoutputs. To the right is a large volume knob with an ipadiphonesmartphone input underneath it. Oppo ha1 headphone amplifierdacstereo preamplifier black. Oppo ha1 headphone amplifier dac even doubles as stereo preamp and digital dock. I unboxed everything immediately and tried it all out.

Oppos latest dac appears rather similar to the last one we looked at but can it stave off the challenge from new arrivals. Oppo ha1 headphone amp features 1010 the oppo ha1 amplifier is without a doubt one of the most complete pieces of high end audio gear that i have ever seen. I used this input with my ipad quite a bit and that worked very well. It became my favorite headphone dac amp combo in this price range. It ships in the original packaging with antenna, headphone adapter, power cord, remote and manual. Menlo park, california september 27, 2016 continuing the pursuit of innovation and value for customers, oppo digital.

The included remote control provides basic transport functionality for ios. Ha1s usb dac input supports pcm up to 384 khz 24bit and dsd up to 12 mhz dsd256. Asynchronous usb dac up to 384 khz 32bit pcm and dsd256. This item oppo ha1 headphone amplifierdacstereo preamplifier black headphone amplifier, portable headphone amp 3. Oppo introduces ha2se portable headphone amplifier and dac. Oppo ha1 headphone amplifier preamp dac actsessory.

The central dac chip is the ess 9018 sabre dac that oppo also uses in its bluray players. Asynchronous usb dac by bypassing the low fidelity, poor quality dac of traditional computer soundcards, the ha1 turns any computer into a high performance multimedia source by converting digital audio to analog through the ess sabre 32 reference dac. The ha1 is compatible with mac, pc, ipod, iphone and ipad for use as an external dac, enabling the listener to directly tap into digital music played from these devices. All an amp a good dacamp will do is clarify the sound, give you more air, firm up the bass, etc. You can connect your headphones to the oppo ha1 using either a standard 6. This black oppo ha1 is a fully balanced headphone amplifier, dac, and preamp is in perfect working order and excellent condition. The headphone power amplifier has an adjustable gain setting. From an engineering perspective i am a technical director at a very large high tech firm, the product engineering is nearly flawless. Ive owned this dacamp combo for about a year now and ive only grown to appreciate it more than ever. Featuring hybrid class ab amplification and a usb dac, the ha2 offers high performance digitaltoanalog conversion for apples iphoneipod products, a wide range of android devices, pc and mac computers. Amplifier the oppo ha1 is rated to pair with headphones in the 32600ohm range. The ha1 passes apples mfi certification and is compatibile with the latest ipod, iphone and ipad to be used as the digital audio output. The asynchronous transfer mode uses the high precision clock inside the ha1 to drive the audio signal, not relying on the clock quality of.

For additional convenience, the bluetooth audio transport with high quality aptx codec sets music free from your mobile phones with a performance boost. The ha2 may be conveniently used to charge mobile devices onthego and itself can be efficiently charged in 30 minutes. Preamplifier with stereo xlr and rca inputs and outputs. Oppo makes a big deal about how the analog inputs are kept in the analog domain all the way through the ha1. Packed with features and performance, the oppo ha1 headphone amplifier and dac is a marvel of modern technology. Of course the ha1 has a high quality, discrete classa headphone amp and the highly regarded ess sabre reference es9018 dac chip at its core providing amazing sound quality to the 14 or 4pin xlr balanced outputs. There is a small nick on the display that is difficult to see. The oppo ha1 is easy to use, looks nice and tidy, and most importantly sounds fantastic. Discrete class a balanced headphone amplifier fully balanced analog inputs and outputs, purely analog volume control, and two adjustable headphone gain settings. Oppo ha1 headphone amp dac supports highres dsd digital playback and includes same toroidal power supply and sabre32 reference dac as oppos awardwinning universal players.

Above and to the right of this is a large volumecontrol knob, and below that is a usb input for apples iphone, ipod, and ipad. The oppo ha1 is a good, wellbuilt and excellently specified dac and headphone amp at this price but, at this level, the competition is strong. Oppos ha2 is considered to be one of the best portable headphone amplifiers and dacs on the market. Somebody has told me that he cant tell the difference when playing music from an iphone to a pair of oppo headphones with or without the oppo dac connected. When oppo announced the ha1, critics wondered why the company would bother, since the oppo pm1 and pm2 headphones are so amplifierfriendly that an. Best known for its high performance, highvalue universal disc players, oppo has expanded. The same ess 9018 sabre32 reference dac and output driving state used in our audiophile bluray players ensures high resolution performance with extremely low noise and distortion. All of this assumes your device has enough power if not, the amp will help by adding power. All of the above comments refer to the sound of the ha1 as an integrated dac amp.

The ha1s bluetooth implementation uses the aptx lossless digital codec, and its frontpanel usb input supports direct digital output from iphones, ipads, and android phones. The saber 9018 dac is a raw and pure chip most of the time, usually offering a more clinical and reference flavored candy bar for your ears to. Oppo made quite a statement with its first dac amp unit designed for the headphone industry. If your phone or dap is poor quality, the improvement will be dramatic, but from iphone 6 and up, the oppo ha2s improvement is subtle. Fully balanced analog, class a power, precision volume control, bluetooth and apple connectivity. Theres a lot to like about the ha1 itll no doubt appeal to many because of the pure level of choice it offers but for the full five stars we want higher levels of drive, excitement and. Considering all the features and the sound quality of the ha1, i consider this product to be a success. I put my audeze lcd4 into the xlr jack and my brain literally melted.

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